Theft of my quilt

Theft of my quilt

Between Wednesday August 6th 8 pm and Friday August 8th 11 am 2014 my quilt “Impossible Ribbons” is stolen from an exhibition at the Festival of Quilts in the NEC in Birmingham. The quilt was in an exhibition near the Quilting-In-Action-Area, representing work of the authors, artists and designers of the quilting-In-Action-Area.
It was fastened by screwing the rod onto the wall. The person who stool the quilt must have used a screwdriver to take the quilt. That indicates at preconceived intention.

Have you seen who took the quilt, or have you seen the quilt after Friday August 8th 11 am?
Please contact me, the organization of the Festival of Quilts, or Airport Police Officer D. Price.

Maaike Bakker
Van Osstraat 4A
7981 CA Diever
The Netherlands
Tel: 0031-521-593259

Helen Marriott
Director of Content twistedthread
Upper Street Events Ltd
58 White Lion Street, Islington, N1 9PP
Tel: 01825 762867 or 07734 200819

Pc 5941 Price
Airport Police Officer
Bickenhill, Meriden, Birmingham Airport & NEC Neighbourhood Police Team
Solihull Local Policing Unit
Diamond House
West Midlands Police
Tel: 08451135000 (West Midlands Police switchboard)
Tel: 0121 76016273 (Balsall Common)
Tel: 0121 767 3758 (NEC Office direct )

About the quilt

Name: Impossible Ribbons
Size: 95 x 95 cm ( 37 ½” x 37 ½”)
Year created: 2005
Machine pieced and machine quilted

Impossible Ribbons is part of a series of impossible designs. An impossible figure is a type of optical illusion. An impossible figure is a two dimensional image of a three dimensional subject which cannot exist in reality.
As a daughter of a teacher in mathematics I’ve always been interested in impossible designs. As a quilter I started a series of impossible quilts and I taught many classes in sewing impossible figures.
“Impossible Ribbons” is made for the Hoffman Challenge of 2005 and is been exhibited as well in Europe as in the United States of America.